Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Baby Lock Destiny Has Some Great Features - Take A Peak

Below is a list of some of the Destiny’s exciting features:

10.1 Diagonal Screen - it’s larger than most tablets!  The BabyLock Destiny has a screen that is easy view!

Create beautiful embroidered table cloths with the BabyLock Destiny!

The Baby Lock Destiny has an enhanced NeedleCam Digital Camera which allows previewing of stitches in real time on your fabric.  See it on the screen BEFORE you stitch it.

9-1/2”x14" Embroidery Field
This a great feature!  Now you can create an 8"x 8"quilt block or embroider two 6" quilt blocks!

IQ Designer Scans & Digitizes artwork in the frame or from import  
This is a great way to create appliqué quilt blocks, or anything that you want to decorate with appliqué.

11.25” Space to the Right of the Needle
Roll it up or spread it out your call when you stipple your next quilt on the large massive opening of the BabyLock Destiny!

Enhanced Stadium Lighting
You are always surround with great lighting.  Easily adjust it to just the best setting for your sewing area.

Faster Processing Speed - 2x faster than any machine in our product line
No waiting on the BabyLock Destiny!  Your machine will be ready to stitch the design when you are.  Have more fun stitching and spend less time sitting and waiting for your your machine to retrieve your embroidery designs.

MP4 Video Playback

Touch Scrolling for stitch selection
Like your mobile device just use the stylus or finger to quickly retrieve a design by swiping thru the designs.

Enhanced Lettering & Editing Features


 1050 spm in Embroidery
Finish your embroidery projects quickly when set to the top speed of 1050 stitches per minute.

        LED Spool Stand lighting
Above the spool is a color bar that lights up to show what color to load onto the spool pin.  That will be a great easy visual check to makes sure you have the correct thread loaded. 

Color Visualizer with  “pin-able” color selection

    Guide Beam & Needle Beam for Precise Sewing & Embroidery Placement

    Put your design where you want it on the Baby Lock Destiny.  Pin point the exact location with the guide beam. 

    Sensor Pen for precise placement of stitches

    Multi-Function Foot Control  -  I love this feature and you will too!  You set to it function as you like like it.  Keep your hands on your work so you can tie off and cut with a tap of your foot.
    Advanced Pivoting Feature & Automatic Fabric Sensor System

    NeverMiss Needle Threader Technology  -   No need to say anything more about this, it just works great!  You won't need to lick and try to stick that thread thru the needle on the BabyLock Destiny!  I call this a "Nettie Feature"  which means it's a, must have on my machine and I recommend it on yours too!

    Digital Dual FeedThread Guide for Couching thread
    What a great way to decorate fabric! 

                                       . . . . and MORE!!!!

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